The History of Blackjack

Casinos both in the real world and online have a wide selection of games. However, blackjack has managed to stand out over the years despite the stiff competition. This is because it is able to attract specialists, veterans and beginners in equal portion. The game’s objective is quite simple i.e. if a player gets much closer to 21 compared to the dealer they win that particular bet. What most of us fail to understand is that underneath the façade of simplicity is a depth that could have been developed over a number of years. It is important to know where the game that is the first choice of gamblers came from. If you want to play blackjack or learn more about this game, a good site to check is Tips, strategies and more will help you to get started.

The precise origin of this amazing game has eluded most researchers for ages but there is a high probability of it originating in the French casinos approximately 1700,it was known as Vingt-et-Un (meaning 21). Most individuals believe that the was probably a derivative of French card games . These card games were all in Vogue during that time. There is another version of blackjack, which was famous in Spain by the name One and Thirty. This Spanish version had a basic rule of attaining 31 but only with a minimum of three cards.

There is yet another theory that states the amazing and poplar game of Blackjack is a Roman invention. The common belief is that the Roman people used to play it using wooden blocks of various numerical values. It is a good theory and a believable one for that matter because Romans adored gambling. Vingt-et-Un also known as 21 is the blackjack version that exponentially grew in popularity to reach North America. The French colonists are responsible for this and it elevate the game to the point that it was played all over the continent, you can read more info about the history of blackjack here: It is important to know that the rules and regulations of ancient blackjack and the modern one are not the same. A good example is that the dealer had the full autonomy of doubling.

The game continued to be referred to as 21 even as its popularity grew in Nevada when the state made it legal in the year 1931. Some casinos introduced special bets during this time as a strategy to attract more players. The history of blackjack outlined above is not exhaustive but it shows where the game has come from. It should be noted that the precise ancestry of the game is yet to be established but the above theories hold some water. If you want to see how blackjack was played before, visit and learn from one of the best site!

The above insightful information clearly shows that the popular game of blackjack that we know today was never conceived by a single individual and at some point in time. It has gradually evolved over many centuries to become what it is today. Furthermore, it still continues to evolve even in the present day. The internet has fueled its popularity and the industry has also developed multiple versions of it such that it is highly revolutionized. Blackjack has a very rich history and one that any true enthusiast should know about. The good history will make you enjoy Blackjack more.